Had a good Sunday. I’m starting my collection of first issues of my favorite black heroes. The plan is to pass them down to my kids so that they can see their faces in print like I so needed to when I was younger.

I meant to post this on the 4th of July but I went home to Louisiana and spent time around family instead. Anyway I present to you all, the Bradley lineage. Marvel, by the way, is my favorite of the two major publishing companies (DC and Marvel) because they are ultra-sensitive to the topics of inequality, oppression, and minority groups as well as well researched in attempts to portray social commentary. This story is inspired by the Tuskegee Experiments.

Names: Isaiah Bradley (1st Generation), Josiah X (2nd Generation), and Patriot (3rd Generation)


Isaiah Bradley: (The Black) Captain America

Josiah X: Josiah Bradley, Josiah Smith, Josiah Al Hajj Saddiq, A-39, and Justice

Patriot: Elijah Bradley, and Eli

Origins: All conceived in New York City, New York


Isaiah Bradley: U.S. Army and Project: Rebirth

Josiah X: U.S. Army and The Crew

Patriot: Young Avengers

Created By:

Isaiah Bradley: Robert Morales, Kyle Baker, and Axel Alonso

Josiah X: Christopher Priest and Joe Bennett

Patriot: Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung

Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearances: Truth: Red, White & Black #1 (January 2003)/ The Crew #1 (July 2003)/ Young Avengers #1 (April 2005)

Biography/Story Line: Isaiah Bradley was born in New York City. He would later grow up and meet a woman by the name of Faith Shabazz, the two fell in love and were soon married in 1940. Unfortunately, the two were soon parted when the United States entered the Second World War after the attack on Pearl Harbor as Isaiah would join the army. This parting was compounded by Faith’s pregnancy with their first daughter, Sarah Gail Bradley. Isaiah Bradley was an infantryman at Camp Cathcart, Mississippi in 1942, during the first year of the United States involvement in World War II. Typical of the time, many in Bradley’s unit were subjected to violence and racism within the Army. The worst circumstances of all came after losing the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum. Even after the death of Dr. Erskine, the United States Army still wanted to produce more like Steve Rogers (Captain America). Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel forcibly recruited Isaiah and 300 other unwitting African-American soldiers to serve as test subjects to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. To keep the operation secret, families were sent letters informing them of the soldier’s deaths. Although, Faith refused to accept Isaiah’s death, and continued to look for the truth. The truth was, barbaric medical practices were performed on the subjects, even such an instance as several test subjects were injected with the same lethal amount of serum to verify whether it had been a genetic rejection or overdose that killed the subjects. Eventually the correct dosage was found and given to the remaining test subjects of whom there were seven. The surviving seven were sent forward to Europe, one of their numbers dying on the boat ride to complications with the serum. The remaining six entered the war in July 1942 as part of a covert black ops team.

During a covert mission, the remaining six soldiers would have their numbers thinned again, leaving only Bradley, fellow soldier Maurice “Faunti’roy” Canfield and their sergeant Lucas Evans. Bradley is the first to question the reasons for their experimentation when he happens upon the very first Captain America comic that just so happened to be released a full year beforehand. Sgt. Evans suggests he not pay any attention to a “fictional” comic book, that if the Army wanted a Steve Rogers and a Super Soldier Project they would “move heaven and hell to get one” (a hint that Evans may have realized their connection to Rogers). It is at this time that Bradley and Evans are joined by Canfield and project assistant supervisor Lieutenant Merritt. Merritt begins to berate the trio over Canfield’s comments against Steve Rogers, who has become the public face of Project: Rebirth and America’s only known Super Solider. The ensuing disagreement turns violent; Bradley is injured by Canfield; Evans and Canfield are killed in the fight and Merritt is hospitalized. 

Upon awakening in the hospital, Bradley is ordered to complete the now suicide mission alone, the promise of his family’s continued well-being being used to coerce his involvement. Bradley accepts the assignment and parachutes down to Schwarzebitte, Germany in October 1942 to eliminate the threat of the Nazi Super Soldier Project (SSP). He begins his mission clad in the spare Captain America uniform that was intended for Steve Rogers and an unpainted edged shield, Maurice Canfield’s Double V for Victory crest drawn onto it. Upon executing his mission, Bradley made short work of the Nazi SSP chief Dr. Koch, the base commander and set fire all project files. He set the explosives and made his way into the laboratory where he came face to face with the victims of the Nazi Super Soldier Project., Schwarzbitte’s prisoners. Identifying with those who were abused and murdered, Bradley with tears in his eyes, destroys the lab and fights his way through the camp. Seeing the camp guards shuffling a group of nude women around, Bradley breaks into the guards and begins to attempt a non-mission rescue. In trying to protect the women, Bradley has them enter a fortified room that is more than it appears. The women thinking the Nazi’s are trying to toy with them before they die, attack Bradley misunderstanding his intentions. The Nazi’s begin to release acid through the shower heads catching Bradley between the locked door and the attacking female prisoners. As the women die, Bradley is trapped underneath them and loses consciousness. He is captured by the Germans and taken to be interrogated. Bradley awakens to the sound of an American propaganda newsreel showing Captain America, Steve Rogers, fighting the Japanese and capturing Dr. Reinstein’s murderer. Bradley looks surprised to hear that Reinstein is dead and even more so that Bradley is now face to face with his interrogator, Adolf Hitler. Hitler and Goebbels attempt to sway Bradley to their side against America and the Allies. Replying that Bradley’s wife would kill him if he did, Hitler orders the guards to beat Bradley while Hitler and Goebbels try to figure out what to do with him. Goebbels mentions to Hitler that Bradley can be sent to Dr. Mengele to be dismembered and used as a demoralization tool against the Allies. Hitler loves the idea and tells Bradley that he is simply going to be sent to the doctor to have his wounds looked at. On the ride to Auschwitz, Bradley’s transport is attacked by the German Resistance led by Afro-German Klaus Spinrad. The German Resistance hides Bradley for five months, feeding and clothing him from within Nazi Germany. He was eventually passed on to the Belgian Underground which had ties to the Red Ball Express, an Army supply route run by black G.I.’s. The Red Ball Express was able to smuggle Bradley back from behind enemy lines. When Bradley reported into command he was arrested and court martialed, receiving a life sentence for stealing Captain America’s spare uniform.

Bradley was convicted in April 1943 and spent seventeen years in solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He would not be released until outgoing president Dwight D. Eisenhower pardoned him on the day of President John F. Kennedy and swore him to secrecy. He was only released because Faith wrote President Eisenhower a letter every month for three years. It was later revealed that the serum Bradley and his platoon were given caused him to become sterile. His years in confinement with minimal medical care allowed the damage to affect his brain, slowly deteriorating it, turning the once strong, proud man into an almost mute man-child. Steve Rogers, Captain America, was the man to piece together Isaiah Bradley’s story and on behalf of the country and himself, apologized to Isaiah for everything that he and his family was put through. Bradley became an underground legend amongst the Black community, their Captain America. During his years after confinement he met many famous people including Malcolm X, Richard Pryor, Gen. Colin Powell and many others. His celebrity even reached across the ocean as T’Challa, King of Wakanda, secretly invited Bradley and his wife to attend T’Challa’s wedding to Ororo Munroe, Storm of the X-Men. Even Luke Cage acknowledge Bradley’s history explaining to the Avengers in attendance; as Luke had undergone similar experiments to gain his own powers.

Isaiah Bradley lives with his wife Faith and their grandchildren through their daughter Sarah Gail. Isaiah also has a biological son with Faith that is the product of artificial insemination and surrogate pregnancy named Josiah X…

During Isaiah’s imprisonment, the U.S. military began experiments to duplicate Isaiah’s powers and create more Super Soldier. To this end, they harvested semen from Isaiah (before the Super Soldier Serum made him sterile) and eggs from Faith Bradley during her appendectomy surgery. Thirty-eight failed attempts occurred before Josiah was finally carried to term. A young African-American girl matching Faith’s blood type served as surrogate mother, but when she discovered the truth about what the child would be used for, she escaped with Josiah and found Faith Bradley. Faith publicly told the girl she was stupid, that their house was watched, and with Sarah Gail’s doll in the basket she sent the girl out, screaming for her to run. Then, late at night Faith and Sarah Gail snuck out of the house and put the infant on a train. Sarah Gail left a note on her brother’s blanket, “My name is Josiah.” Josiah grew up in a Catholic orphanage outside of Boston during the early years of his life. Here he felt hopeless and abandoned by the God he was taught to worship. When Josiah’s powers manifested, he shoved Sister Irenia and accidentally knocked her unconscious. Fearing he had killed her, he fled. Not long after, Josiah lied about his age, and under the assumed name of Josiah Smith he enlisted into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Josiah served several tours in Vietnam, becoming a seasoned and experience veteran. His combat unit, made up of primarily black soldiers, was nearly killed on a mission by an inconsiderate and racist officer’s order to bomb the area while they were still on patrol. He punched the officer and was court martialed, and sent back to the States to be held in military prison. While imprisoned, tests suggested Josiah may be the missing Super Soldier baby. Agreeing to what he was told would be minor tests in exchange for his freedom, Josiah willfully allowed his transfer from detainment in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to a secret research facility in Berkeley, California. It was here that blood tests proved he was the missing child and the only known subject that had survived. His surrogate mother, brought in to confirm a genetic match, again helped him escape and told him what she knew about his past.

Four years later, while Josiah was involved with the radical Black Panthers movement, he learned of the Super Soldier experiments on black enlisted men in WWII, and found the names of his parents. Mount Vernon, Virginia, Josiah returned to the Bradley home and met his mother, sister and childlike father. Unable to stay long for fear of being discovered, Faith told Josiah to return when it was time. Faith told him to leave promptly, as they were always being watched, so he left, and waited for a signal to return. For a time Josiah lived as a mercenary and killed for profit. Eventually, Josiah discovered the Islamic faith and found his purpose in it. He completed the hajj, the traditional Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Upon returning to the States, Josiah made his way to Boton to confess the murder of Sister Irenia. To his surprise, she was still alive and healthy, and the two began a deep and meaningful friendship. Upon her retirement, Irenia came to live with Josiah as his housekeeper and mentor. 

Josiah became a Muslim minister, and opened a mosque in Little Mogadishu (“The Mog”) in Brooklyn. Josiah became involved with James “Rhodey” Rhodes after Rhodey’s sister died under mysterious circumstances. Eventually, Josiah came to join Rhodey’s “Crew” to bring down the drug-dealing, crime-lord, Triage and his 66 Bridge Gang. As Justice and armed with his father’s shield, Josiah determined to no longer turn a blind eye to the criminal activities in his community. Josiah continued to visit his father and the Bradley family after they moved back to the Bronx, Josiah came to visit periodically to spend time with the family he never had. Recently Josiah had stopped visiting, and has not been seen by the family in over a year.

The third Bradley to become a true American hero is none other than the son of Sarah Gail, Elijah Bradley. This makes him the grandson of Isaiah Bradley and the nephew of Josiah X. Eli was born with no powers as he was never experimented on and his genes were passed down even before Isaiah’s were artificially enhanced.

Shortly after the Avengers had disbanded, a younger version of Kang the Conqueror traveled to the present era with the goal of stopping his future self. Unsuccessful in his attempts to contact the Avengers, he downloaded the The Vision’s programming and operating system from the remains of the destroyed Avengers Mansion. Among the Vision files, he found the Avengers Fail-Safe Program. Dubbing himself himself Iron Lad, he began to seek Avengers recruits in the New York City area. One of these recruits was Josiah X, Eli’s uncle. However, Josiah had been out of contact with his family for years. Eli lied to Iron Lad, claiming to be a Super Soldier due to a blood transfusion from his grandfather, and volunteered for Iron Lad’s team. Eli then began using the illegal Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH) pills to fabricate superhuman abilities. Wearing a costume very similar to that of Captain America’s original sidekick, Bucky, Eli donned a full cowl and a set of five-pointed throwing stars as Patriot, and alongside his new teammates Hulkling, Asgardian and Iron Lad, formed the Young Avengers.

After several weeks of training, the Young Avengers began taking on super hero missions. Their second mission was an attempted to save two hundred guests at St. Patrick’s Cathedral when they were taken hostage during Susan Bishop’s wedding. Unfortunately, the Young Avengers were only successful in starting a fire and becoming hostages themselves. It was a bridesmaid, Kate Bishop, that actually saved them using one of Patriot’s own throwing stars. The Young Avengers were able, however, to escape the scene before the police arrived. After the attack, at the hospital, Kate was approached by Cassie Lang, daughter of the Avengers’ Ant-Man. Together the girls tracked down the Young Avengers at the ruins of the Avengers Mansion, where the girls confronted the Young Avengers and invited themselves onto the team. Not long afterward, the Mansion was attacked by Kang the Conqueror. To join the battle, Kate donned gear from the Mansion such as Mockingbird’s Battle Staves and Hawkeye’s Bow. She also found the original Captain America’s Shield for Patriot. After defeating Kang and saving the world, Kate and Cassie remained on as permanent members. Captain America and Iron Man ordered the team to disband and refused to train them. However, Kate used some of her family’s money and connection to procure a new lair, costumes and weapons for the team. With Iron Lad gone, Patriot and Kate took on the unofficial roles of co-leaders. Patriot and Kate even shared some chemistry and competitiveness. 

Not long after entering their secret superhero lives, Wiccan discovered Patriot was using MGH to temporarily grant him superhuman powers. After taking MGH, Patriot fought Hyde one-on-one before injecting him with an overdose of MGH and knocking him unconscious. After being forcibly calmed by Wiccan’s magics, Eli woke up in recovery at Avengers Tower, with the new Vision taking care of him. After Eli revealed the true origins of his powers, he quit the team. The other Young Avengers unsuccessfully attempted to get Eli to rejoin them. It wasn’t until after Hulkling was captured by the Super-Skrull that Eli rejoined the team. During the subsequent battle between the Kree, the Skrulls forces, the Young Avengers and the New Avengers, Patriot used himself to shield Captain America from gunfire, and was severely injured. After the battle Captain America rushed to the hospital to give Eli a blood transfusion only to discover “another Captain America”, Eli’s grandfather, had already given Eli his blood. Since the transfusion, Eli has gained physical attributes and powers of a real Super Soldier.

Along with the rest of his team, Patriot sided with Captain America and the Secret Avengers against the Superhuman Registration Act, which led to the Superhero Civil War. When the Skrulls invaded Earth, Patriot joined the other Young Avengers and Runaways on the frontlines of the battle. Patriot along with the other Young Avengers helped rescue the fallen from Asgard during the Siege. After the story arc known as the children’s crusade, (that would involve the search for the Scarlet Witch, Doctor Doom’s attempt at his own Utopia, and a battle between Iron Lad and Vision that resulted in Vision’s death) Eli would leave the Young Avengers while all of the remaining members would become full-fledged Avengers themselves.

Powers/Skills: All have artificially enhanced super human like capabilities just like Steve Rogers as well as a shield.

Because it’s summer, it’s hot, and there’s bugs everywhere…

Name: Angel Salvadore

Aliases: Angel and Tempest

Origin: Wyoming

Affiliations: Xavier Institute, New Warriors, Teen Brigade, Special Class, Exemplars training squad, Hellfire Club, and Brotherhood of Mutants

Created By: Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver

Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: New X-Men vol. 1 #118 (November 2001)

Biography/Storyline: Angel is an Afro-Latin American who grew up in very poor trailer park somewhere in Wyoming. Her family consisted of her distant mother, her abusive stepfather (who she thought was her real father), and her little sister. Angel for some time in her life was physically, sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused by her stepfather, all which her mother seemed either to ignore or overlook even though her husband seemed to make no secret of the fact that he was molesting his step-daughter. At the age of fourteen, Angel’s mutation began to manifest; covering her back in wilts, bumps, and rashes on the higher area of her back and shoulder which only escalated the abuse from her stepfather. One night after staying out too late Angel’s stepfather began to abuse her once again verbally then physically. Brave this time, Angel fought back and even threatened to call law enforcement on the man to have him arrested for child mistreatment and molestation. To which he claimed that he would never molest a mutant and continued to abuse Angel. During this altercation it was also revealed by Angel’s mother that the man Angel thought was her father was actually her stepfather and not her biological father. Simultaneously as the fight went on Angel’s mutation was further manifesting itself and she was pinpointed by Cerebro which alerted the X-Men to her location and Wolverine was sent to invite her to the Xavier Institute. Driven out by the words of her stepfather Angel runs away from her family home and into the woods nearby. Feverish and confused by the whole ordeal Angel runs deeper into the woods and falls asleep while praying to herself that she was not a mutant. Overnight, as Angel slept in the woods, her mutant nature began to manifest itself in the form of a protective cocoon. Inside the cocoon, her body began healing and catalyzed the development of a dual pair of insectiod wings on her back where her previous scars had been.

As she awoke the next morning, the U-Men (a groups of humans calling themselves the Third Species, who harvest and graft the body parts of mutants to grant themselves superhuman abilities) attack Angel, intending on cutting off and harvesting her wings. Before Angel can even process the nature of her own abilities, she attacks the U-Men and discovers her abilities all at once. Using her new wings she creates and produces a deafening ultrasonic sound and then vomits her acidic spit at several U-Men. Disabling several of her attackers, Angel escapes and flies away, but because her inexperience with her new limbs began to work against her and she flies into a pair of power lines and sends herself crashing towards the ground; only a short distance away from her previous attack site and her attackers. Unable to recover quick enough, Angel is captured by the U-Men and take to their van and quickly put her on anesthetics and sedatives. With the help of Jean Grey to locate Angel throughout the ordeal, Wolverine tracks her down just before the U-Men are about to amputate her wings. He swiftly rescues her and kills her attackers. Angel was horrified by most of what she’s seen and vomits acid all over the face of Wolverine. Eventually after Angel calms down, Logan manages to convince Angel to come back with him to the Xavier Institute; even though Angel agrees she remained untrusting towards the Logan and wanted nothing to do with him but given her current circumstances, she had little choice but to join him for the moment. Logan promises to escort her safely back to the Xavier’s school. At the Institute, Angel kept pretty much to herself, and disdained the other “pretty” mutants, notably Emma Frost and the popular Stepford Cuckoos. Though she was by no means ugly, Angel saw her mutation as an affliction, and claimed that she would have her wings removed if she could afford it. She felt the school was not much of a home as she had hoped, but still for all her apparent dislike of the school, she remained at the school and continued to study as a student.

As reluctant as Angel had been about joining the school, when the institute was under attack by the Shi’ar Imperial Guard under the thrall of Cassandra Nova, who had attacked the school previously, she joined the fight. Angel was thrown into the core of the conflict and proved herself brave when she teamed up with the Stepford Cuckoos to fight back against the Shi’ar. Cooperating with the plans of the Stepford Cuckoos, Angel stole away into the depth of the Institute intending on obtaining a DNA sample of Cassandra Nova from Beast’s lab. During her search for the DNA sample of Cassandra Nova in the labs, Angel encountered the young mutant known as Beak (Barnell Bohusk), stark naked, disoriented and traumatized from recent events in a tank. Encountering Beak she found out that he had been held in the lab after Beast attacked him while under the mind control and possession by Nova. Freeing Beak from the tank and lab and retrieving the DNA sample, Angel, Beak, and the Cuckoos proved themselves instrumental in turning the tables on the Shi’ar minions and Cassandra Nova. They helped Emma Frost trick Cassandra into entering a Trojan body she believed was her own which had been encoded with Cassandra’s tissue sample to be an exact duplicate of her real body. From there, Jean Grey and the Professor X were able to reprogram and rehabilitate Cassandra’s mind.

Following these events, Angel’s experiences and reputation with her fellow Xavier students improved especially with the Cuckoos and Beak, who became close friends. However Angel began to sabotage the relationships that she had recently formed and her chances of her fitting in at the school. Her actions were fueled by the all the things her stepfather told her and that she had believed. One example was when Angel and Beak began a flight class with X-Men instructor, Archangel. Impressing her class and her teacher with her vastly improved flight abilities which seemed to have improved tenfold. Angel flew away from the class after seeing Beak crash and burn in his first attempt at flying. Angel, later after drinking beer, teased and taunted Beak by telling him “You’re a disgrace to the school” and calling him a loser and a freak. Though Angel had insulted him, Beak wasn’t turned away from Angel and proved himself to be the core optimist and tried to fly off the Shi’ar flag ship in order to help with relief work, only to crash and burn again. Charmed by his spirit, Angel indulged in a drunken kiss with Beak and carried him to their destination that Archangel had set. Beak was positively elated at his first kiss, completely unaware that Angel had been paid to do so by their mildly disgusted and titillated classmates. Unintentionally the kiss caused Beak to fall in love with Angel and Angel to fall in love with Beak. Angel would continue to shoot down his hopes, his appearance, and his general existence in hopes of keeping her own feelings a secret. Later though, Angel would pursue a romantic relationship with Beak.

Soon after growing closer Angel and Beak were both assigned to the “Special Class,” which was taught by the mysterious Chinese mutant known as Xorn. There, both Angel and Beak found common acceptance and friends, as the Special Class was composed of mutants that were just as “strange” as they were, though Angel herself being placed in the group was for more social reasons and for her to learn a deeper acceptance of herself and her mutation. During a class camping trip into the woods near the Xavier Institute, Angel begins to aggressively pursue Beak. At night, Beak and Angel sneak off and away from the rest of the Special Class to have some beer and get drunk. During their time in the woods Angel offered to have sex with Beak which came to much surprise to Beak that someone like Angel would want to have sex with him and he was soon turned off by how aggressive she became and got cold feet. Much to Beak’s relief they were soon interrupted by the timely attack of the U-Men. Fortunately, Angel and Beak were able to warn their classmates and teacher. When Xorn left the Special Class to confront the U-Men, Beak rallied Angel and their classmates together and managed to defeat the U-Men that surround them soon after Xorn had left. After the battle, Angel is sent to find Xorn and she witnesses him unleashing his powers on the U-Men and slaughtering them all with just a single hit from his brain star. Xorn told Angel that it would be their little secret. Even though Angel and Beak’s time together in the woods had been interrupted, the two still manage to become lovers and during another of their amorous adventures Angel became pregnant.

During a shopping spree in New York with her new mentor Emma Frost, Angel tries to tell her that she is currently with child(ren), but delays telling Emma because she is afraid that she and Beak will be expelled from the school if anyone finds out that she is pregnant. Several days later at a prize-giving banquet held by the Institute for the Xavier students, Angel and Beak are presented with a special commendation award for their heroism in the defeat of Cassandra Nova, though neither Angel nor Beak are present at the ceremony. They were instead again in the woods where Angel revels to Beak that she is pregnant and tells him about her fears of being expelled. Five days later, Angel’s pregnancy come to full term due to her fly morphology, which accelerated the rate of the pregnancy and later she laid a large clutch of insect-like eggs in Wolverine’s old shack in the woods outside of the Institute. Angel and Beak kept the eggs a secret for some time until the attempt on the life of Emma Frost. Emma Frost’s diamond body was found shattered into a million pieces by an unknown assailant. The former X-Men, Bishop and Sage came to the Institute to investigate the murder. When Bishop questioned Angel about her possible involvement in the “murder” of Frost, Beak fearing for the life of Angel and their unborn children confessed to the crime of murdering Emma in an attempt to divert suspicion. Claiming that the reason he did it was because Emma had found out about Angel being pregnant with “monster babies” and was going to tell the Xavier staff about it and he feared that they would be expelled because of it. Of course, neither Professor X, Beast, Sage nor Bishop believed him and continued with the investigation. Following a lead given to them by a former Omega Gang member about where they used to hide their Kick stash, Sage went to the wooded shack in the woods to check it out. There in the woods Sage found dozens of gigantic hanging larvae sacks hanging from the ceiling and was attacked by an unseen assailant (Angel). Sage later returned with Bishop, Xorn, Professor X, and Beak, only to find an ecstatic Angel surround by half a dozen of the newly hatched part-human, part-fly, part-bird offspring of hers and Beaks’. 

Jean Grey used the Phoenix and her telekinesis to resurrect and reform Emma and it was revealed that Esme, a Stepford Cuckoo and one of Emma’s favorite students, had mind controlled Angel and made her shoot Emma with a diamond bullet, committing murder. It was also revealed that Esme had engineered the whole Xavier Institute’s opening day Riot an orchestrated step in which lead up to her sister Sophie’s death in order to gain control over the Cuckoos. Once her treachery was found out it was already too late as Esme had already broken away from the Cuckoo collective mind and left the Institute via cab hours before. Shortly afterward, Xorn, the instructor of the Special Class, reveals that Esme had been working for him and that he was actually Magneto (or at least the reincarnation of him). Using his influence over the Special Class, Xorn began to convince them to join his new Brotherhood with pro-Magneto propaganda and a quest to exterminate the humans once and for all and with the added help of Esme, using the co-opted brain waves of No-Girl she telepathically convinced the students into supporting the cause even more than they had already believed. Together with Toad, Esme, Magneto, the Special Class became the fifth new Brotherhood of Mutants. Magneto proceeded to wreak havoc and destruction on New York and threatened to reverse Earth’s magnetic poles - causing massive global devastation. With a magnetic shield formed around Manhattan, the city was left unprotected and Magneto took over the city and renamed it New Genosha, after the island nation he hand once ruled years before. Many of the mutants that lived in the city gathered and rallied around him and his new Brotherhood while the humans where being herded and sent into a crematoria. At this time, the Special Class began to rebel against Magneto and his extreme acts. Beak, in particular, protested strongly against the acts of exterminating humans systematically. Angered by Beak, Magneto accidentally kills Basilisk in front of Angel and the Salvadore-Bohusk brood. Protesting against Magneto again, Beak this time is physically struck by Magneto and Angel tries in vain to stop the assault and defend Beak to no avail. Magneto sentences Beak be thrown into the lot with the humans. Sometime later, Esme’s hold over No-Girl is released by her death. Angel and her children join Fantomex, Cyclops, Beak, Wolverine and Phoebe of the Stepford Cuckoos in an effort to defeat Magneto. Magneto in his defeat was revealed to have been Xorn along. After “Xorneto” is defeated, Angel, Beak, their children, and the Special Class return to the school.

Returning to the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute, Angel, Beak, and their kids are given the chance to live life separate from the mansion when head staff give them the opportunity to move into a cabin on the Xavier property in the woods rather than them living in the new dormitories with the other students, which they except. Beak is even made an official X-Man and while Angel continued her school, became a part of the Exemplars (Beast’s student training squad), all while taking care of her children and her family’s home. For some time the two live a relatively happy domestic life with their children. The Salvadore-Bohusk family is abruptly shattered and traumatized when Beak becomes “unhinged from time” and drafted into the reality-hopping warriors known as the Exiles. As a result of his displacement, Beak was unable to interact with beings of his own timeline. This left him unable to explain his disappearance to Angel and the children. Angel lashed out when she thought that he had deserted her like so many of the men of her past that she had relied on and cared about. But, unbeknownst to Angel, Beak tried reaching out to her many times while with the Exiles. Finally, he and Angel were reunited when reality itself became unhinged as a result of the Scarlet Witch’s meltdown during the House of M storyline. Once the alternate House of M timeline was corrected and restored back to normal, the Scarlet Witch used her reality-warping powers to declare “No more mutants”. Angel, Beak and five of their six children where instantly depowered along with millions of mutants. Tito, their oldest son, was the only child of theirs to retain his distinctive insectiod/avian features.

In the days that followed M-Day, Angel and Beak settled once again into a happy domestic life. They married and had another baby the traditional way. But when the mysterious new Night Thrasher offered them the opportunity to return to a life of heroics, Beak couldn’t pass up the chance to be the hero he always dreamed of being. The world had changed a lot since M-Day and Tony Stark now controlled the fate of superhumans thanks to the Superhuman Registration Act. Beak was concerned about how this governmental control of superhumans might affect his children and decided to fight back as part of Thrasher’s team of New Warriors. Angel was reluctant at first but decided that she’d feel better fighting by her husband’s side and helping to ensure that he made it home safely to their family. It didn’t hurt that Night Thrasher also offered them a home and resources that the teen parents could scarcely imagine. Thrasher outfitted the couple with refurbished technology that empowered them with new abilities. Angel’s tech included fire, ice and wind powers, so she adopted the codename Tempest while Beak chose Blackwing. After the New Warriors assembled, they were in a battle against the Zodiac. The team barely survived and almost disbanded. The team stayed together with distrust for their leader and soon were discovered by Stark’s forces. The team lost members during the fight and after a failed attempt to revive them via time-travel, the New Warriors disbanded. Angel and Beak felt that even though the team had disbanded they still could make a difference in the world and that they had self-worth even without superhuman powers or super technology.

Powers/Skills: As a mutant Angel she has an insectoid physiology, winged flight with sonic vibrations, and acid spit. As Tempest she has technologically granted ice generation from her left hand and heat/fir generation from her right hand, as well as flight.

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