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Name: Oya

Aliases: Idie Okonkwo, The Girl Who Wouldn’t Burn, The Third Light

Origin: Oyo in Delta State of Nigeria

Affiliations: The Lights, X-Men and Jean Grey School Students

Created By: Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #528 (September 2010)

Biography/Story Line: Idie was a young girl living with her family in Oyo, in the Delta State of Nigeria when her mutant powers manifested. She was located by  the X-Men using Cerebra. With the advent of her mutant abilities, Idie accidentally burned down her village and killed her family. A paramilitary group that tracked down Idie attempted to murder her, but the arrival of Hope Summers and Storm prevented the troops from harming her.

From her introduction, Idie is shown to have deep religious reservations with respect to her status as a mutant. She has viewed herself as a “monster” and has wished her mutation was as obvious as Laurie's, so that her “sin” would be just as obvious. When deciding to not be called “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Burn,” Idie describes herself as “a witch child,” “a blasphemy,” and “a heretic.” She states that if she cannot burn in this world, she will burn in the next. She later tells Wolverine that she has made peace with the fact that she is a monster.

Idie, with no living family left, joined Hope and the other Lights as continued to rescue the last two Lights as Generation Hope. First traveling with Rogue, Hope and the Light across Europe and finally to Florida while tracking Teon. Later the group traveled to Tokyo, Japan to stop Kenji’s rampage. Though nervous, Idie stood with Hope in defiance of Cyclops’ orders.

Once the Lights arrived on Utopia, Idie quietly submitted to Doctor Nemesis’ tests and to Hope training. Idie also quietly accompanied Hope and the other Light on their first mission to Berlin to find a new mutant.

Wolverine took a liking to Idie and started to mentor her. She was at the Museum of Mutant History when the Hellfire Club attacked. Cyclops told her to “do what she thought was necessary”. Idie decided it was necessary to stop them, and so killed them with her powers.

After the events of Schism, Idie went with Wolverine to Westchester County to attend Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Oya is no longer part of Generation Hope and she is now part of the Wolverine and the X-Men. During a visit from Deathlok to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, it is shown that Idie has a high probability of eventually becoming leader of the X-Men.

Powers/Skills: Temperature Manipulation

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